Here are just a few examples of our housing and support  we provide within our community.

Detached Housing


With our portfolio of single detached houses we are able to provide homes for families, many of which have large yards great for raising families.

To apply for housing, click here.



The success of our tenants is reflective of our success as a community organization. With her experience and training (Aboriginal Focusing-Orientated Therapy and Complex Trauma Certification) Vicki regularly meets and supports tenants through challenges that could affect their own success and well being. We stay connected to community services and advocate for services when they are not readily available. 
Tenants can book an appointment by contacting Vicki at the office. 

Community Store


Thanks to the commitment of our team and contributions from our partners, we are able to run a zero-profit store for our tenants.  The store, conveniently located at our office,  provides groceries and every day house supplies at a reduced price.  

Interested in contributing to this initiative? Check out our partnership page for more info.


Tax Return Support


We take pride in being able to support our tenants wherever we can. For individuals needing additional support, our staff assists with filing annual tax returns.  

Tenants looking for more information can contact Vicki at the office.